Coordinator for Title IX (Part-Time), Glendale Elementary School District #40

Coordinator for Title IX (Part-Time)


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Southwest Maricopa

October 26, 2020

Contact Information:
Glendale Elementary School District #40
7301 N. 58th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301
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Melissa Marze
Phone: 623-237-7127
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Job Description:
Purpose Statement Pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the U.S. Department of Education’s implementing regulations at 34 C.F.R. Part 106, the Title IX Coordinator has the authorization to coordinate and facilitate the District’s compliance efforts regarding its responsibilities under Title IX, which prohibits sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment, in all District program and activities, as well as retaliation for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by Title IX. The Title IX coordinator oversees the District’s response to reports and complaints that involve possible sexual harassment, including overseeing the complaint process and working to ensure the assigned investigators and decision makers and staff are all appropriately trained. Other Functions  The Title IX Coordinator will possess knowledge of the District’s policies and procedures on Title IX and will be involved in the drafting and revision of the District’s policies and procedures to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Title IX.  Continues to address and ensure compliance with Title IX regulations by: o Taking specific and continuing steps to notify all students, parents, and employees of the name, title, office address, and telephone number of the Title IX Coordinator, as well as how to file a formal complaint alleging a violation of Title IX. o Overseeing the District’s compliance effort regarding Title IX and evaluates the District’s Title IX Policies and Grievance Procedures as needed. o Developing and implementing procedures to ensure that each contracted organization or individual providing services to the District does not discriminate based on gender in providing aid, benefits, or services to students of the District. The Title IX Coordinator provides or facilitates ongoing training, consultation and assistance on Title IX as needed. Receives Title IX training yearly. Oversees, coordinates and ensures investigations for formal complaints are conducted according to the District’s grievance procedure, timely, confidential and impartial. Develop and present training on Title IX as needed. Provide effective and appropriate advice and expertise to all levels within the District community. Provide technical advice and information to staff. Strong communication, planning and organizational skills, including strong written work product. Establish priorities and organizing resources. Operate calmly and effectively under stressful conditions. Evaluate programs and report on data. Meet multiple deadlines and to plan/coordinate the work of multiple people. Use independent judgement and to manage and impart confidential information. Foster a cooperative work environment. Develop and implement new strategies and procedures when necessitated.

Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications Skills, Knowledge and Abilities SKILLS are required to perform multiple, technical tasks with a need to periodically upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skill based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: operating standard office equipment; performing standard bookkeeping; planning and managing projects; preparing and maintaining accurate records; and using pertinent software applications. KNOW LEDGE is required to perform algebra and/or geometry; read technical information, compose a variety of documents, and/or facilitate group discussions; and solve practical problems. Specific knowledge based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: concepts of grammar and punctuation; business telephone etiquette; and common office machines. ABILITY is required to schedule a significant number of activities, meetings, and/or events; often gather, collate, and/or classify data; and consider a number of factors when using equipment. Flexibility is required to independently work with others in a wide variety of circumstances; work with data utilizing defined processes; and operate equipment using standardized methods. Ability is also required to work with a significant diversity of individuals and/or groups; work with data of varied types and/or purposes; and utilize job-related equipment. Independent problem solving is required to analyze issues and create action plans. Problem solving with data frequently requires independent interpretation of guidelines; and problem solving with equipment is limited. **Complete job description and online application available at: