High School Counselor, Edge High School

High School Counselor


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May 11, 2019

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Edge High School
2555 East First Street
Tucson, AZ, Arizona 85716
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Rob Pecharich
Phone: 520-881-1389
Fax: 520-881-0852
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Position Overview: The counselor at Edge High School Himmel Park works closely with families/support persons/group homes/teachers /administration and students to support students at high-risk of dropping out of school. The counselor monitors academic planning for all students including; transcript evaluations, course scheduling, goal setting, progress monitoring, and academic interventions. The position coordinates and implements the school’s dropout prevention initiatives in conjunction with providing support services in areas such as: Peer Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Peer Mediation, Self-Care and Parent Involvement. The counselor also assists schools in developing dropout prevention strategies and programs. Essential Responsibilities: •Promote the mission and vision of Edge High School within school and the community •Models and teaches a growth mindset •Meets with prospective students and families regarding enrollment •Evaluates transcripts of new students •Assists with placement test of new students •Facilitates class scheduling for new students in collaboration with the Registrar •Engages in community outreach and student recruitment •Monitors new students passing orientation in conjunction with the Registrar and the Attendance and Discipline Support Specialist •Works closely with Seniors to facilitate completion of graduation requirements •Proactively works with students in post-secondary planning •Conducts individual vocational/career and personal/crisis counseling •Design and implement individualized intervention plans with specific strategies (including advising, counseling, and mentoring programs and services) to address the needs of targeted students and to their families/caregiver •Monitors the school performance of targeted at-risk students in the areas of academic achievement, attendance, and behavior. •Collect, interpret and use student attendance data to develop strategies addressing dropout prevention . •Provide a nurturing, supportive and positive climate that encourages student responsibility, using positive motivation, clear routines, and effective management techniques. •Arrange, conduct, and/or facilitate monthly parent/family meetings. •Conduct home visits when needed •Make referrals to community resources to meet students and their families’ needs. •Assists in academic planning and goal setting with students. •Maintain positive, cooperative and mutually supportive relationships with the administration, instructional staff, students, parents, and representatives of resource agencies within the community. •Recommend to the Principal the supplies and equipment needed to support dropout prevention efforts and assist with ordering and following established procedures. •Meets regularly with teachers to preview academic progress of students and to assist in designing interventions •Communicates with teachers regarding new students enrolling •Apprises teachers of student schedule changes.

EDGE (Educational Group Effort) High School is the oldest charter school in Pima County. As an innovator in non-traditional learning, our small class sizes,self-paced instructional model, strong counseling component, and individualized instruction afford students an opportunity to recover credit and master standards. Our vision is success for every student, every day! Join our team! Salary for this position is competitive and dependent upon education and experience. Edge High School offers a comprehensive benefit package. Edge High School is part of the Arizona State Retirement System. Interested applicants should send the following: resume/cv, transcripts, copy of fingerprint clearance card, relevant certification documents, and letter of interest.