Elementary School Counselor, Douglas Unified School District #27

Elementary School Counselor


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April 13, 2019

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Douglas Unified School District #27
1132 E. 12th Street
Douglas, AZ 85607
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Gemma Quinonez
Phone: 520-364-2447
Fax: 520-224-2470
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Job Description:
SUMMARY: Counsels individuals and provides group educational and vocational guidance services by performing the following duties. Oversee a comprehensive guidance program specific grades of students specifically provide activities meeting their assigned case load needs. ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Design and implement a data driven, comprehensive school counseling program for all students to address barriers to student learning and to close the achievement-opportunity gap Refer students to appropriate community agencies in consultation with their parents and school administration. Provide counseling related services to teachers, students, and parents while observing the need for confidentiality Provide socio-emotional counseling for students experiencing difficulties in school using up-to-date approaches aimed at increasing positive behavioral patterns and decreasing negative behavioral incidents Be a resource person for school staff on techniques and approaches in dealing with students exhibiting self-defeating behavior in the school setting Present mini-lessons on current areas of interest for elementary age children such as: Restorative Practices; Peer Pressure; Study Tips; Drugs; Motivation; Self-Discipline Provide parents of children information, both in oral presentations and in fliers on topics of interest to parents Develop a resource file for use by staff in areas relating to student success Develop and implement behavioral improvement plans as requested by school staff for the purpose of enhancing student success in school Develop a plan that ensures equity of counselor-student contact time at each assigned school Participates and attends workshops aimed at increasing counselor effectiveness Summarizes articles and reviews current literature related to the field for school staff KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES: Ability to communicate effectively using all forms of communication Utilize effective data-based problem-solving skills Demonstrate effective collaboration skills Participate in workshops, seminars, conferences and/or advanced coursework which further advance knowledge of current trends in school counseling Bilingual ability in Spanish and English strongly preferred QUALIFICATIONS & REQUIREMENTS/EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Master’s Degree in School Counseling Knowledgeable in current counseling approaches and behavioral change techniques Arizona School Counselor’s Certificate Possession of excellent communication and human relations skills Valid IVP fingerprint clearance card