Special Education Teacher & Interventionist, Maricopa County Regional School District

Special Education Teacher & Interventionist


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East Maricopa

April 05, 2019

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Maricopa County Regional School District
4041 N Central Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
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Bonnie Romo - HR
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The Special Education Teacher may assist in the identification process of Special Education Students by transmitting information collected on site to the Special Education Teacher. In the interim, the Special Education Teacher will build rapport and gain knowledge on the Students educational history while observing and assessing student behaviors and academics within the General Education setting. Once records are obtained, the Special Education Teacher will review and revise the document to ensure IDEA compliance, organizing and facilitating IEP meetings as appropriate. While technology integration is a large component in the District’s Credit Recovery program, support services are utilized to supplement and/or enhance classroom instruction with a major emphasis on providing individualized instruction for the purpose of accelerating progress according to each student’s annual and post-secondary goals. Teacher Goal: •The Secure Care Special Education will maintain IDEA compliance by reviewing and revising Student documents in a timely manner. •The Secure Care Special Education teacher will provide Special Education support services that include providing individualized instruction in alignment to Student goals that lead to measurable and documented growth and sustainability. SE Standard I: Lesson Planning and Design The teacher designs and plans instruction that develops each students’ abilities to meet Arizona’s Academic Standards as specified on IEPs The teacher will: •Assess students in all areas pertinent to the student’s needs through a combination of test, observations, and classroom reports provided by the General Education Teacher. •Effectively organize and conduct IEP Team meetings •Develop lesson plans that include interactive lessons for students according to the IEP. •Plan/ prepare instruction that includes lessons that align to the IEP goals •Plan/ prepare for both individualized and small group instruction based on students’ service needs according to the IEP •Plan/ prepare mini-lessons aligned to student’s IEP and post-secondary goals •Ensure that classroom teachers have a copy of student’s goals and accommodations •Consult with classroom teachers as needed in order to implement delivery models, accommodations and/or modifications as stated on the students IEP SE Standard II: Learning Climate The teacher creates and maintains a learning climate that supports the development of each student’s ability to meet Arizona’s Academic Standards. The teacher will: •Create an interesting environment with appropriate artifacts supporting student Post-secondary goals, work of students, and progress of students as appropriate •Model and provide guidance in goal setting, goal attainment and problem solving with both IEP and Post-secondary goals •Maintain productive and positive relationship with students, staff and Detention personnel •Follow all procedures and rules as expected by Detention personnel •Effectively organize materials and instruction each day •Promote and maintain clear expectations for student behavior and learning by emphasizing the classroom expectations when providing push in services •Model appropriate and professional adult interaction, dress, language and presentation at all times •Practice the use of positive, specific, and immediate feedback to students as appropriate and effective SE Standard III: Instructional Delivery The teacher implements and manages instruction that develops students’ ability to meet Arizona’s Academic Standards and accomplish goals as specified on the Students IEP During instruction, the teacher will: •Identify the content goal/ objective for the day and provide the ‘steps’ or sub-objectives leading to success for each student •Present, facilitate, model, and provide both guided and independent practice given General Education Classroom objectives, Classroom assessments and individualized Student goals given the Students IEP. •Facilitate learning through well designed questioning and academic feedback •Monitor and adjust instruction as needed •Report progress to the each student formally and informally throughout the instructional session so they can monitor their own growth •Group students for instruction when assessment and student need indicate a need to do so •Provide ongoing feedback on the student’s annual and post-secondary goals, identified within the Students IEP SE Standard IV: Student Progress Records The teacher assesses learning and communicates results to students, parents and other professionals with respect to the secure care environment and student’s ability to meet Arizona’s Academic Standards as specified on the IEPs During residency in Detention, the teacher will: •Utilize common assessments to determine student needs and develop teaching plans that align to Arizona Academic Standards •Monitor and record student progress and provide feedback to each student based on their annual IEP goals •Assess student IEP and post-secondary outcome goals regularly and report progress quarterly. •Assist in the development of post-secondary goals and annual transition activities in a manner that can be applied and measured after release using AZCIS assessment tools. •Ensure that Special Education records are in compliance in accordance to IDEA and State guidelines. •Schedule Evaluation’s / IEP’s meetings thru collaboration with appropriate Team member’s as required Prior to and after release from Detention, the teacher will: •Participate in monitoring student progress in high school and post-secondary goals for 3,6,9 months after release. •Ensure all Special Education paperwork is finalized via District processes and ready to be transferred upon Records Request from the new District.

Required Qualifications: •Special Education Certification Desired Qualifications: •Experience working with grades 6-12th •Experience as a Resource or Inclusion Teacher •Cross-Categorical Certification •Experience both writing and implementing Individualized Education Plans •IEP-Pro familiarity •Experience Teaching in accommodation/alternative District’s •Juvenile Justice interest and/or background •Knowledge and experience with using technology as an instructional tool •SEI Endorsement Location Durango: 3131 W. Durango St. Phoenix, AZ 85009 Mesa: 1810 S. Lewis St. Mesa, AZ 85210 Salary: $40,000 - $50,000