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Middle Grades


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Northwest Maricopa

March 23, 2019

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Littleton Elementary School District #65
1600 N 107th Avenue
Avondale, Arizona 85329
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Maria Williams
Phone: 623-478-5644
Fax: 623-478-5639
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TITLE: Certified Teacher CLASSIFICATION: Exempt QUALIFICATIONS: Appropriate certification and highly qualified requirements. Preschool Requirements: Documentation of a negative Mantoux skin test or other tuberculosis screening test recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control administered within 12 months before the starting date of employment. A Food Handler’s Card authorized through the Arizona Department of Health prior to the starting date of employment. REPORTS TO: Person(s) designated by the Board or Superintendent SUPERVISES: Paraprofessionals, volunteers, students and student teachers GENERAL STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITIES: To provide each child with an environment which will enable him to reach his fullest physical, emotional, educational, psychological, and behavioral potential I. Uses knowledge of Subject Matter  Demonstrates knowledge in subject area  Demonstrates knowledge of curriculum development to include scope and sequence II. Displays Interpersonal Skills  Communicates effectively with students  Demonstrates and promotes mutual respect  Promotes positive self-concepts in learners  Maintains a positive and stimulating learning environment  Communicates enthusiasm for learning  Uses correct written and oral expression III. Plans for Instruction  Submits weekly lesson plans which reflect goals, objectives, and activities  Assesses student’s skills levels to determine the appropriate learning objectives  Plans instruction to achieve selected objectives  Chooses relevant academic activities to ensure appropriate student time on task  Follows the design of the district’s curriculum  Sequences learning activities to achieve specific goals and objectives  Plans instruction at varying and appropriate levels of cognitive thinking  Organizes instructions to meet individual differences and specific needs  Organizes resources such as time, space, materials, and equipment to facilitate the achievement of goals and objectives  Monitors and assesses student’ progress using specific procedures IV. Provides instruction  Provides instruction at student’s skill level  Teaches to the learning objectives as specified in the lesson plan  Teaches necessary objectives in a logical sequence  Provides instruction at a variety of levels of thinking  Uses strategies to maximize the amount of time students are engaged in relevant tasks  Uses a variety of instructional techniques and methods related to the objectives  Models correct performance for students  Gives clear directions and explanations related to lesson  Monitors student learning throughout the learning process  Obtains responses for each objective to check student mastery before proceeding  Adjusts instruction to meet individual differences and specific needs  Evaluates students according to consistent objective criteria V. Uses Learning Principles in providing instruction  Communicates to students the purpose and value of learning objectives  Provides sufficient teacher directed and independent practice with monitoring to ensure that students are accurate and successful  Communicates the importance of the learning by holding all students accountable for learning  Provides an appropriate focus for student at the beginning of learning objectives  Summarizes learning using a variety of methods VI. Uses Classroom Management Strategies  Uses effective classroom management techniques  Communicates expectations for appropriate classroom behavior  Demonstrates ability to work with individuals, small groups, or large groups as determined by instructional objectives  Manages inappropriate classroom behavior by implementing the discipline procedure adopted by the governing board VII. Displays Professionalism  Acts in a professional manner  Engages in professional development  Seeks and shares professional ideas  Acts in accordance with teacher responsibilities, both legal and professional and uses discretion in the use of professional or confidential information  Identifies exceptional students and refers them to appropriate specialist  Uses effective strategies for parent teacher communication including conferences  Demonstrates willingness to accept additional responsibilities  Supervises and evaluates additional support staff and/or volunteers when applicable  Shows care in personal hygiene and grooming  Attends all meetings as required  Adheres to Board and Administrative policy VIII. Gathers and Records Data  Maintains appropriate and adequate information o Federal Law o State Law o District Policy o School Procedures