MS/HS Math Teacher, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

MS/HS Math Teacher


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February 26, 2019

Contact Information:
Pusch Ridge Christian Academy
9500 N. Oracle Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85704
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Jody D. Knox
Phone: 520-797-0107
Fax: 520-797-0598
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Job Description:
Full time load of 6 classes (3 days of 45 minute periods; 2 days of 85 minute block periods) of middle school or high school mathematics classes. Develops lessons that are focused on course standards and engage students in developing their mathematical practices, including: making sense of problems, reasoning abstractly, modeling with mathematics, look for structure in God’s creation, and use reasoning to persevere in solving problems. Maintains high expectations of students while also taking into account individual challenges of students. Maintain accurate records of grades and lessons plans. Communicate with parents when grades drop below satisfactory standards. Attends school meetings including weekly devotions and staff meetings, new teacher training, department meetings, weekly middle school meetings (if necessary) and parent meetings as needed. Meets with mentor teacher as needed to learn and grow within the culture of our school. Plan and lead a small group (approx. 15 students) for twice-monthly meetings.

Teaches a full-time load of Algebra or other mathematics classes. Designs and carries out lessons so that all students are engaged in meaningful active learning. Creates a warm and constructive classroom culture.