Social Studies Teacher, Sanders Unified School District

Social Studies Teacher



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April 12, 2024

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Sanders Unified School District
po box 250
sanders, AZ 86512
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Maria Hernandez
Phone: 855-678-7873
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Job Description:

TITLE:                     TEACHER
QUALIFICATIONS:           1.   Must have current State Teacher Certification in the area                                                          applied for.
                                          2.   Must have excellent communication/collaboration skills
                                          3.   Experience working in Native American Communities
                                          4.   Experience working with Minority Students
                                          5.   Must have good computer operating skills.
                                          6.   Bilingual/ESL endorsed preferred.
                                          7.   Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board                                                        may find appropriate and acceptable.
                                          8.   SEI endorsement.
SUPERVISED BY:         School Principal
SUPERVISES:                Students as assigned
TERM OF                        Ten (10) months
SALARY:                        Salary is to be determined by district pay scale and Board.
POSITION GOAL:         To support the mission of the Sanders Unified Schools, District goals, procedures, and policy in the best interest of the student by professionally carrying out assigned duties and participating in the improvement and refinement of related areas.
                                          1.   Meets and instructs assigned classes in the locations and at                                                    the times designated.
                                          2.   Plans a program of study that, as much as possible, meets                                                      the individual needs, interest, and abilities of the students.
                                          3.   Creates a classroom environment that is conductive to                                                            learning and appropriate to the maturity and interest of the                                                    students
                                          4.   Prepares for classes assigned, and shows written evidence of                                                  preparation upon request of immediate supervisor.
                                          5.   Encourages students to set goals and maintain standards of                                                    classroom achievement and behavior.      
                                          6.   Guides the learning process toward the achievement of                                                            curriculum goals and, in harmony with goals, establishes                                                          clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects, and the like to                                                  communicate these objectives to students.
                                          7.   Employs a variety of instructional techniques a                                                                          instructional media including computer and related                                                                  technology, consistent with the physical limitations of the                                                        location provided and the needs and capabilities of the                                                           individuals or student groups involved.

                                          8.   Strives to implement by instruction and action the district’s                                                      philosophy of education and instructional goals and                                                                objectives.

                                          9.   Assesses in the accomplishment of students on a regular                                                        bases , maintains documentation on computer and provides                                                    progress reports as required.

                                          10. Diagnoses the learning disabilities of students on a regular                                                      basis, seeking the assistance of district specialist as required.

                                          11. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect                                                        students, equipment, materials, and facilities.

                                          12. Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records on                                                              computer and other district forms as required.

                                          13. Assists the administration in implementing all policies and/or                                                  rules governing student life and conduct, and, for the                                                              classroom, develops reasonable rules of classroom behavior                                                     and procedure, and maintains order in the classroom in
                                                a fair and just manner.

                                          14. Makes provisions for being available to students and parents                                                  for education related purposes outside the instructional day                                                    when required to do so under reasonable terms.

                                          15. Plans and supervises purposeful assignments for teacher                                                          aide(s) and/or volunteer(s), and cooperatively with                                                                 department heads, evaluates their job performance.

                                          16. Strives to maintain and improve professional competence,                                                      including computer and related skills.

                                          17. Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as                                                        required.

                                          18. Performs other duties as assigned.
ACCOMMODATIONS:   Decisions regarding appropriate and reasonable                                                                        accommodation(s) will be based upon the merits of each                                                        situation.  The principle criteria will be that of effectiveness.