Teacher Special Education Resource K-4 2024-2025SY, Madison School District

Teacher Special Education Resource K-4 2024-2025SY



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East Maricopa

March 28, 2024

Contact Information:
Madison School District
5601 N. 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016
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Human Resources
Phone: 602-664-7900
Fax: 602-609-6768
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Job Description:


  1. Successful experience working with intermediate-aged students with LD, ED, MIMR, and other categories. 
  2. Teaching ability: increasing students’ language development and communication skills, cognitive and literacy skills; improving motor ability to enhance school performance; increasing mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills; social and behavior skills.
  3. Ability to work cooperatively and collaborate with general education staff to enhance student progress and provide necessary accommodations and modifications in the general education environment.
  4. Ability to plan for and supervise instructional assistants.
  5. Ability to promote the inclusion of students as appropriate for individual students.
  6. Knowledge and experience in effective inclusive practices.
  7. Ability to develop effective lesson plans based on appropriate IEP development.
  8. Commitment to helping students achieve in the Madison curriculum and according to state standards.
  9. Able to work effectively with parents.
  10. Commitment to attend district training in math and literacy learning.
  11. Will attend all Faculty meetings, participate and contribute in all staff development.
  12. Participate in Student Success Team (SST) meetings and Multidisciplinary Conference (MDC) meetings.
  13. Personal characteristics include: positive attitude, high energy level, organized, attentive to time lines, thorough with paperwork requirements, a team player, a contributing faculty member, able to manage multiple tasks and an effective communicator.


Madison School District No. 38

Position Title: Teacher - Kindergarten-4th grade Special Education Resource 2024-2025SY

Length of Work Yr: 9 months

Salary Range: $51,510 - $66,886  PLUS $1,000 SpEd Resource Addendum

Placement based on education and experience

Department: Student Services

Reports To: Director for Student Services and School Principal(s)


  1. Arizona certificate for mildly disabled students (LD, ED, MIMR, OI). Other categories considered.
  2. A comprehensive knowledge of special education students’ needs and special education programming.