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Speech Language Aide



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East Maricopa

March 22, 2024

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Primavera Online School
2471 N. Arizona Ave
Chandler, Arizona 85225
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Christine Jones
Phone: 4803552107
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Job Description:

The Speech/Language Pathologist Aide assists the Speech Language Pathologist in developing speech and language skills to facilitate the personal, social, and intellectual development of students.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

  • Will work with student’s grades K-12.
  • Collaborates with classroom teachers to schedule interventions using a variety of service delivery models such as classroom intervention, consultation/collaboration, and pull-out as appropriate to meet students’ needs in the least restrictive environment.
  • Provides activities corresponding with students’ interests and aptitudes virtually.
  • Uses a variety of equipment, materials, devices, and aids.
  • Uses systematic and evidence-based intervention strategies to foster communication competence.
  • Implements the service of delivery model most appropriate to the students’ degree of severity.
  • Provides feedback and reinforcement to students.
  • Uses language appropriate to the listener.
  • Skill and experience working with students who use augmentative and adaptive communication strategies and devices.
  • Create lesson plans and facilitate individual and/or group therapy activities to target IEP goals, using curriculum-based materials and content whenever possible in a virtual environment.
  • Assist with data collection and progress monitoring activities.
  • Schedule and organize a caseload of students under the supervision of a certified speech-language pathologist.
  • Assist the SLP with clerical tasks.
  • Review and maintain speech language files and related documents.
  • Support classroom curriculum as it relates to language acquisition.
  • Give written information to teachers, parents, and alternative ways to foster speech-language growth.
  • Coach classroom staff on implementation of speech/language therapy goals.
  • Communicates with Teachers about individual student’s needs and progress.
  • Attend parent conferences, IEP meetings, with the permission from the supervising SLP, and written documentation from the SLP. Interpretation of data and/or change in treatment plan under supervision of SLP.

Company-wide skills, abilities and expectations:

  • Maintain a professional code of conduct, including but not limited to professional language, actions, and attire.
  • Maintain professional confidentiality of personal and private matters pertaining to students, parents, and co-workers.
  • Acknowledge and accept direction from executive and school leadership.
  • Demonstrate willingness and desire to work and collaborate with students, parents, co-workers and the general public.
  • Communicate effectively, both verbal and written.
  • Maintain positive and pro-active customer service in all aspects of communication, both internally and externally.
  • Prioritize work and handle multiple tasks while working independently.
  • Display excellent planning and organizational skills.
  • Work under pressure, pay attention to detail, meet deadlines and deal with difficult situations while maintaining composure, professionalism, and a positive attitude.
  • Take initiative to look at data analytically, showing excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills as it relates to continuous improvement for professional and personal growth.
  • Demonstrate awareness and willingness to understand their personal role and how it contributes to the success of other departments or functional areas.
  • Embrace a culturally diverse environment.
  • Know and be proficient in Microsoft Office programs.
  • Adapt to change while conveying professionalism.


Certification as a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant from the Arizona Department of Education

Environmental Conditions:  Collaborative open environment, office environment

The company will provide equal consideration to all qualified applicants for employment without regard of race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, age, veteran status, marital status, or disability protected by law.