This page is designed to be a general overview of the AEEB and will assist you in questions regarding the site and its usage. Please feel free to email us if you cannot find the information you are searching for in the following FAQ's.

The AEEB is designed to be the one-stop recruitment source for all public education agencies (PEAs) in Arizona.
Vacancy postings from employers will be accepted for:
* All educationally certified staff in Arizona public education agencies.
* Certified staff in community colleges, area education agencies, higher education, and the Arizona Department of Education.
Posting a job on the AEEB is simple, fast and easy!
(a) On the Guest Post a Job page (, complete the Post a Job form.
(b) Hit the submit button.
Please visit the Effective Job Posting Guide, if you need help developing a post for a job vacancy that will be easy to understand and informative to job seekers.
After you submit a position, you will be taken to the Thank You page. Just click the Back to the Post a Job page button.
Vacancy information will be updated (and deleted as needed/requested) within 5 days of your submission.
You will see a Delete/Modify link on the Post a Job page. Simply indicate the changes you wish made and hit submit.
(a) If you need to delete your job posting, go to the Delete/Modify link on the Post a Job page. Complete the Delete a Vacancy Form.
(b) All jobs will be deleted after 60 days, unless contact is made to the site administrator via email indicating the desire for an extension.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail the AEEB Support Team.