Welcome to the AEEB (Arizona Education Employment Board), the one stop recruitment source for the State of Arizona. The AEEB is a FREE service of the Arizona Department of Education designed to assist educational entities across the state in attracting high quality professionals to the field.

This page is designed to be a general overview of the AEEB and will assist you in questions regarding the site and its usage. Please feel free to email us if you can not find the information you are searching for in the following FAQ's.

(1) What is the purpose behind the AEEB?
The AEEB is designed to be the one-stop recruitment source for educational recruitment in Arizona. The site is designed to provide comprehensive recruitment services to students, teachers and fellow professionals across not only Arizona, but the world.

(2) How do I post a job?
Posting a job on the AEEB is simple, fast and easy! 
(a) Go to the bottom of the homepage (www.arizonaeducationjobs.com) and click on the Post a Job button displayed there. 

(b) A map of the State of Arizona should appear split into zones. Find the zone that corresponds to the location of your educational entity. 

(c) Complete the form, then hit the Post a Job Vacancy button.

(3) What types of jobs can be posted?
The AEEB is home for recruitment of all professional education positions. 
Vacancies will be accepted for:
* All Educationally Certified Staff in Arizona, accredited public and non-public schools, including long-term substitute positions.
Certified staff in community colleges, area education agencies, higher education, and the Arizona Department of Education.

(4) What if I have more than one job to post?
Simply hit your "Back" button on your Internet browser to take you back to the job posting screen. You can modify existing information, and resubmit it when changed!

(5) How long till my job gets posted?
Vacancy information will be updated (and deleted as needed/requested) within 5 days of your submission.

(6) Suppose I make an error or want to change my posting after it has been submitted?
You will see a Delete/Modify link on the Post a Job page. Simply indicate the changes you wish made using this email link.

(7) How do I delete a posting?
(a) When you type in vacancy information we encourage you to place an application deadline so we can pull the information off when that date occurs.

(b) Once you have filled your posted position(s), go to the Delete/Modify link on the Post a Job page. Complete the Delete a Vacancy Form and mark that the position has been filled.

(c) All jobs will be deleted after 60 days unless contact is made to the site administrator via email indicating the desire for an extension. 

(8) What is the E-Mail Registration?
The E-Mail  Registration allows potential applicants to submit relevant information about what type of job they are seeking to the Arizona Department of Education. When new jobs get posted, people in the database will automatically receive them via email. It allows the AEEB to become a proactive resource.

(9) Is the E-Mail Registration required?
No! This is an optional service for applicants but one that we anticipate will be very popular. ALL information collected will be kept confidential unless express permission is given by those listed.

(10) What is the AEEB Application?
The AEEB Interest Application is provided by the Arizona Center for Professions in Education. This brief application can be sent to schools to inform them of your interest in their posted positions. Use of the AEEB Application is NOT required in order to use the AEEB, but is encouraged.

(11) What is an example of a good post?

Japanese Language Teacher

Posted: 00/00/00


Job Description:
Japanese Language Teacher for grades 9-12 to teach Japanese 1 and 2 at Haywood High School. Teacher will be responsible for providing leadership in the language program as well as delivering some elementary and middle school programs.

Salary based on education and experience. For more information, please contact Joe Smith, Principal. Please apply online at www.hayhigsch.edu/apply.htm

E-mail: Joe Smith at joes@hayhigsch.edu
School website: www.hayhigsch.edu

Contact Information:
Haywood High School
0001 Hay Street

Joe Smith, Principal
Fax: 515-555-5555